Computer Salvage and Repair is a full-service retail computer store that specializes in YOUR computer. Whether its fixing its quirks, repairing damage, or putting it all together, Computer Salvage and Repair has what your computer needs.

Whether your computer is in need of:

  • Virus Removal.
  • Installing anti-virus software.
  • Cleaning for faster performance.
  • Increasing memory.
  • Or having Microsoft Windows reloaded
  • Computer Salvage and Repair is the place to take your sick computer.
  • Data transfer, email set up, computer and software set up.
  • We also build custom gaming computers.

Or if you are in need of:

  • An off-lease PC.
  • A laptop - new or used
  • Or an LCD (Monitor)
  • smartphone and tablet screen repairs
  • Computer Salvage and Repair is the place to go to.
If you are a small business:
  • We'll tackle your tech so you can build your business
  • Your small business tech advisor
  • fast, reliable service
  • security and computer protection
  • technology optimization
  • file and data recovery
  • networking
We also transfer VHS to DVD! 
  • We can transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD
  • These make great gifts!

Here at Computer Salvage and Repair, we provide sales and service for new and pre-owned computers, tablets, and laptops.

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